Become a Fundraiser for Brent Lodge

With the ever increasing cost of providing treatment to the 3,000 sick or injured wildlife patients we care for each year, we are always looking for new ideas to raise much needed funds. With only a small fundraising team, it isn’t always easy to put together regular events or fundraising tasks ourselves.

Brent Lodge FundrasingAs a result, we are looking for some of our lovely supporters to take on some of these fundraising tasks. Every opportunity to promote Brent Lodge and raise awareness about the work we do - and to raise much needed funds - must be seized. To achieve this, we need your support.

Not only do we host our own fundraisers, but there are also many fetes, car boots and fairs to attend during the summer and Christmas time. Due to having only a small (but dedicated!) team of fundraising volunteers to help with our events, it is not always possible to attend all to which we're invited. A larger team of efficiently organised fundraisers would enable us to attend more! We hope that the experience of attending events on our behalf would also inspire volunteers to further develop fundraising ideas of their own.

We would very much encourage you, as a volunteer, to help us raise funds by putting on your own small sponsored events. These wouldn't need to be anything lavish. Simple activities such as a cake sale, sponsored walk, or tinned food collection would be great. Of course, if you fancied organising a larger event then that'd be fantastic!

If you are feeling inspired and would like to raise funds in aid of Brent Lodge, then we would do our best to support you in making your efforts as successful as possible.

So, if you do decide to fundraise for us, please register as a volunteer so we can then provide you with a fundraising pack which contains helpful advice, a supply of information leaflets about Brent Lodge, sponsorship forms and other fundraising tools/equipment.

Register As Volunteer Fundraiser!

Select 'fundraiser' on the registration form!

Once you're registered as an official Brent Lodge fundraiser, we'll add your event to our calendar to give it the exposure it deserves!

If you are planning on doing an event which requires sponsorship, such a run, sky dive or cycle ride in aid of Brent Lodge, that is easy to set up. Simply create a fundraising page through our Givey donation site and all raised funds will go directly to Brent Lodge, without the hassle or worry of needing to collect up money from your sponsors.

Planning a sponsored event?

Register with Givey to keep it simple!

Your support would make such a difference and mean that we could not only raise more funds to continue to care for wildlife, but also raise awareness about the work we do. Being a Brent Lodge fundraiser is also great fun and extremely satisfying, so what’s stopping you? Join us today!