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Welcome to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust is a wildlife hospital based in West Sussex. We are a voluntary organisation that has been treating and rehabilitating injured and sick wildlife for over 40 years. We receive around 3,000 sick, orphaned, or injured wildlife patients each year.

For more information - and some suggestions of ways in which you could get involved - please watch our short informational video below (tap to play). Further information is also available on our About us page.

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Urgent Winter Wishlist

During the Winter season 95% of the patients that arive at Brent Lodge are hedgehogs, many are either too small (under 600g) or too sick to survive the cold months ahead.

By the end of the season we could have cared for up to 500 hedgehogs, as you can imagine they eat us out of house and home.

There are many ways you can help us get through the Winter months just by kindly donating some basic necessities.

On average at the peak we get through up to 100 tins of cat/dog food a day……yes a day, so by kindly donating tins of pet food (meat based preferably not fish) you can help the hedgehogs build up their strength.

We also get through 1000’s of newspaper pages during Winter, not only do the hedgehogs need a bit of bed time reading but we use strips of newspaper to line the cages. This helps to keep the hoglets warm, safe and cosy, which will aid their recovery.

Alternatively you can kindly make a donation online by clicking ‘Donate’ for us to purchase some items on your behalf.

If you think you can help us by providing simple necessities such as food and newspapers, your generosity will be much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance.        

  (This supply of newspapers will only last 3-5 weeks)   (We can get through 100 tins a day)

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Hello everyone,

Wow how time flies. We have been rather busy at Brent Lodge lately, so I wanted to take the time to give you all an update of what’s been happening.

Since my last post, we have taken on some new volunteers and staff who have already started to do wonders. One very kind lady is going to take the time to bring you all the behind the  scenes news of what’s going on at the hospital. She is also going to be able to start that feature I mentioned beforehand, and do one to one interviews with our lovely volunteers and staff, so you can learn more about the great work they do in more detail.

Our brand new buildings are finished and in use!! The new feed store is purpose built, allowing us to hold more food of different types for the animals and have it better protected from the elements. Once again this could not have been possible without the support of all our followers and supports, so again a big thank you from myself and Brent Lodge.

On a personal note from me, it’s been wonderful meeting many of you over these past few months. It has been amazing seeing first hand how everyone helps the charity in different ways. One thing I get asked regularly by our supports and visitors to the site is “how else could I help”?

We have two shops, one in Selsey, Havant  and another new opened up in Worthing. We always are looking for volunteers to help in our shops, and always need stock to help generate much needed funds. If you are looking to help Brent Lodge some more and not sure how, a bag of books, clothes, furniture or even a few volunteering hours makes all the difference.

If you would like to know more about Brent Lodge or to catch up on the latest happenings, please do feel free to email in and I will be more than happy to help.

Until next time, take care.

Robert Knight