Processing Stock


We currently have 3 charity shops but as our shops continue to grow we have to keep up with the supply of stock to make sure that the shelves are full for our customers. With such a small team to help process stock, this means that we sometimes are unable to keep up with task of sorting the incoming stock, ready for distribution to our shops or put aside for our own fundraisers.

So we are really desperate for some organised people to help with managing the incoming stock, this means sorting through donations (furniture, household items, clothing and books) to then organise it into piles ready to be delivered to the appropriate shop or stored ready for an Open Weekend or event.

This role is vital to the success of our charity shops and fundraising events, without help we would not be able to keep the doors open.


You can choose to volunteer on a regular basis, or provide flexible support to us. Our busy times are in the months leading up to an Open Weekend (May, August, November) Any time you are able to spare would be much appreciated!

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