Recycle for Brent Lodge

See how to recycle all the things for the environment & Brent Lodge!
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Recycling for the Environment & Brent Lodge

Here at Brent Lodge, we are committed to leading the way on minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. Equally important to the wildlife we treat, rehabilitate, and release back into the wild, is the environment we release them back into.

At Brent Lodge, we actively encourage all forms of recycling and participate in many recycling schemes. Since joining the many local and national recycling schemes, Brent Lodge is proud to announce that the charity has recycled many tons of waste. Without our commitment to recycling, the vast majority of this would have become landfill.

Not only do our recycling activities help to protect the environment and wildlife we hold dear, they also help raise vital funds which help us continue our work.

Whilst we are proud of our recycling achievements here at Brent Lodge, we need your help to do more!

Each day across the country, many hundreds of tons of recyclable goods are needlessly placed into landfill, when they could have been donated to Charities like Brent Lodge.

Items Brent Lodge Can Recycle

Please see the following list of items that Brent Lodge can recycle and receive funds for, followed by further details about how to donate items to be recycled, and information about our partnerships with some third-party recycling organisations.

Could you donate any of this to be recycled?

  • Ink cartridges.
  • Mobile phones of any age.
  • Sat-navs.
  • Laptops.
  • Books.
  • Records.
  • Clean – bailed newspapers and magazines.
  • Small electrical items, no larger than microwaves.
  • Bric-a-brac of any type and description.
  • Textiles of any description.
  • CD’s & DVDs.
  • Video Cameras.
  • Old Film Cameras.
  • Digital Cameras.
  • Game Consoles.
  • Games & Accessories.
  • Ipods, MP3 Players.
  • Tablet Computers.

How To Donate Items To Be Recycled

Brent Lodge Recycling Schemes & Partnerships

Brent Lodge participates in a number of recycling schemes, run by third-party organisations. Through our involvement with these schemes, we are able to receive much needed income in return for the items we send to be recycled.

Street Runners

Textiles, Bric-a-Brac & Books

Brent Lodge is delighted to be working with Street Runners, a recycling company which collects unsaleable books, textiles, and bric-a-brac. If, for whatever reason, an item is unsaleable at our shops – for example, chipped crockery, or stained / torn textiles – Brent Lodge still receives some funding from it, through Street Runners.

So, please do not throw that old dress or coat in the landfill – Brent Lodge would be delighted to recycle it on your behalf, which benefits both the environment and the charity!

The above items should be sent or delivered to the Brent Lodge hospital, or any one of our charity shops (see right or below for our addresses), for recycling.

Recycling for Good Causes

If you have any gold, silver, odd earrings, broken chains, costume jewellery or watches, you can recycle them at no cost to yourself whilst making money for Brent Lodge, through the “Recycling for Good Causes” organisation.

Recycling for Good Causes recycles:

  • Any jewellery – gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches, broken & damaged items (like odd earrings, snapped chains or items with missing stones).
  •  Unwanted banknotes from any country, of any age – so all of those obsolete pre-euro notes are a perfect start!
  • Mobile phones, cameras & gadgets.
  • Stamps.

Jewellery & Banknotes

Recycling for Good Causes will reuse and recycle jewellery and banknotes, giving the proceeds to Brent Lodge, whilst saving the precious raw materials from being wasted!

If you would like to send your jewellery and banknote recycling, just pop your items into an envelope or jiffy bag (no larger than a size A5 envelope) and post – free of charge – to the following Recycling for Good Causes address:

B77 4RP

*Please do not send coins to the Freepost address above, as the postage costs to us would far outweigh your donation.

Mobile Phones, Cameras & Gadgets

If you would like to donate mobile phones, cameras, or gadgets, please send or deliver your items to the Brent Lodge hospital, or any one of our charity shops (see right or below for our addresses).


You can now donate your used stamps to raise much needed funds for Brent Lodge!  All kinds of stamps are welcome, on or off paper.

Simply cut or carefully rip the postage stamp from the used envelope, being careful that you don’t damage the stamp. Once you have a collection, pop them in an envelope, apply the correct postage, then send to the following Recycling for Good Causes (Stamps) address:

PO BOX 16992
B73 9YA

*Postage needs to be applied to donations of stamps – the above is not a Freepost address.

Larger Items

If you would be interested in collecting larger items on behalf of Brent Lodge, you could start your own Recycling Project with Recycling for Good Causes!

For further information, please email or telephone on 0800-633-5323.

Car Take Back

We are proud to be in partnership with Car Take Back.

Car Take Back offers a fantastic free service that allows people to arrange to have unwanted vehicles scrapped through their website. The vehicles are collected and transported to a registered recycle centre – for free!

When the Car Take Back website is visited through tapping on this link, the funds generated from that scrapping are then donated directly to Brent Lodge!

So, next time you need to scrap your vehicle, please consider helping both Brent Lodge and the environment by arranging for free disposal via our Car Take Back page.

Other Items On Our Recycling List

If you have any other items that are mentioned on our recycle list but not specifically referred to above, please send or deliver them to the Brent Lodge hospital, or any one of our charity shops (see right or below for our addresses).