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What is Gift Aid?

When you donate your items to Brent Lodge, either at one of our shops, at the hospital, or through our free collection service, please do enquire about Gift Aid.

At Brent Lodge, we pride ourselves on striving to make the very most of every item donated to us. Through Retail Gift Aid, we are able to increase the value we receive from your donated items, by claiming an extra 25% on top of the original sale price.

Just ask a member of staff about Retail Gift Aid and they'd be delighted to provide you with a very small form to fill in. It only takes around 30 seconds to complete, and will allow us to make your donation go further.

The Legal Bit

Signing the form confirms that:

  • You wish Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust to claim tax on all donations you have made during the past 4 years, and all donations you will make until further notice.
  • You are a UK taxpayer.
  • You understand that, if you pay less income tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations in that same tax year, it is your responsibility to pay any difference.
  • You wish Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust to act as your agents in selling goods you have brought into the shop, at a rate of 2% commission.
  • You are not acting as a business in providing goods for sale to any shops belonging to Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust.