Sick or Injured Wildlife

What do I do if I find a sick or injured bird or animal?

First and foremost, your own safety and that of others nearby is of paramount importance. Never put yourself in danger whilst coming to the aid of an injured bird or animal.

You should not approach any large and powerful animals, such as foxes, deer, badgers and swans. These should only be handled by experienced wildlife rescuers. Please stay around (but a safe distance from) the animal if possible and telephone Brent Lodge on 01243 641672, or get in touch with your nearest wildlife rehabilitation centre (tap here) for advice.

If you have been able to approach the injured creature, please try to contain it in a strong cardboard box, lined with newspaper or a towel. Be sure to use gloves when handling wildlife. When trying to contain an injured bird, you may find it helpful to throw a towel or blanket over it, to prevent it from flying away.

Please keep the patient somewhere dark, warm and quiet.

Whether or not you have contained the patient, please telephone Brent Lodge on 01243 641672 for advice.

If you find a baby bird, please tap here. If you find a hedgehog, tap here.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Euthanasia Policy

One of the hardest decisions we have to take, together with our veterinarian at AlphaPet, is to end the suffering of a patient by euthanasia. This is a very sensitive and emotive subject and the decision is never taken lightly.

Our veterinarian at AlphaPet has written a document explaining the decision making process in more detail.

To download this document in PDF format (or read in your browser, if supported), please tap the following link.

The Wildlife Euthanasia Dilemma RE 2013