Terms & Conditions

General Website Usage Terms & Conditions

When you use this website, the IP address of your internet connection (usually provided by your ISP) will be logged. This is deemed necessary in order to maintain the security of the website and services we offer. IP addresses may be retained in backup images of the server for a period of 6 months subsequent to the time they were recorded.

Cookie Terms & Conditions

Cookies are small strings of information that a website places on the user’s web browser in order to identify that browser and store small amounts of (possibly unique) information. The Brent Lodge website will set cookies that are necessary to facilitate the secure operation of the website and to allow registered users, donors and e-commerce customers to use the website for the requested purpose – for example, to maintain a “shopping basket”; to complete the checkout process when making a transaction; or to login and access secure areas of the website.

Other types of cookies that may be set on the Brent Lodge website are preferential (to customise the website to a user’s preference – setting the time zone or changing the colours, for example), and social media cookies (these are often served by third-party social media sites – like when we display Facebook or Twitter buttons or feeds). Users may refuse to consent to the use of preferential and social media cookies, at the cost of being unable to access those website features or functionality that depend upon those cookies being set.

Users are prompted to accept the use of non-necessary cookies upon the commencement of every new session in a given 7 day period. Permission for setting non-necessary cookies may be revoked at any time by simply clearing from the browser all existing cookies set by this website.

Brent Lodge does not intentionally set cookies for the purpose of tracking users for marketing or statistical collection.

Brent Lodge registered supporters

If you have opted in to our email list to receive newsletters, we will use your personal details for that purpose. You are free to opt-out at any time, by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link on the newsletter emails you receive, or contacting us to request that we remove you.

We retain records of registered supporters offline, for the purpose of providing supporter benefits, sending newsletters and promotional material, and to pursue the legitimate interests of our organisation, such as fundraising activities. You may request details of the information we hold about you at any time. You may also request that it is amended if inaccurate. And, you can ask that we permanently delete your information. To make such requests, please email personal-info@brentlodge.org.

International Information Transfers

Sometimes we will send your data outside the UK for data processing. When this happens, it will be done in accordance with the GDPR regulations for International Transfers, as referenced in our Privacy Policy. When you take the following actions on our website, you are consenting to this international transfer of information:

  • Submitting payments using Stripe, PayPal or GoCardless.
  • Signing up for a Brent Lodge Subscriber or Supporter membership that provides email newsletters.
  • Signing up to a Brent Lodge email newsletter list.

You may withhold your consent for international transfers of your information by:

  • Not taking any of the actions as described in the list above.

You may request to withdraw your consent for international transfers of your information by:

  • Contacting us at personal-info@brentlodge.org to request removal of your details from our contact list(s).
  • Contacting us at personal-info@brentlodge.org to request removal of your transaction history from payment gateways and processors (this request would be assessed to determine whether it would be legal and appropriate to perform).

Future Changes

We intend to publish changes to our terms & conditions on this page, as and when they are made. Please check back here frequently for updates.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy, linked below, also forms part of these terms and conditions.

To view our privacy policy, please tap here.

Document last updated: 06 Nov 2018