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We rely on our hospital volunteers to provide care to the wildlife needing our help. With just a handful of staff (to keep costs low), we could not survive without the help of our wonderful volunteers.

Volunteer at Brent Lodge

Brent Wildlife Hospital is currently looking for volunteers who can help out, on a committed regular basis, with supporting our hospital staff and with animal husbandry tasks throughout the year.

We treat over 3,000 British wildlife patients every year, and with numbers increasing there are always lots of creatures that need caring for in our hospital.

Although we are grateful for all volunteer support, those who are just seeking to take a peep at our wildlife unfortunately end up limiting the time we're able to spend caring for our patients. Volunteer training consumes the valuable time of our staff members, so please only register if you are serious about helping to make a difference on an ongoing basis.

In addition to helping inside the hospital, there are many other ways that your support can help our organisation. Volunteering in any of our retail shops, or organising and helping with fundraising events, also help to raise vital funds, which enable us to continue to make our work a success.

We enjoy working closely with our volunteers, striving to help them build a sense of self-belief and gain valuable experience. Our volunteer programme also provides a meeting place for like-minded members of the community, and we hope it serves as a catalyst for further community bonding.

The majority of our volunteers get involved with our organisation because they care about our success. They wish to see us benefit their local community and fulfil the stated objectives of our charity. It would therefore be important to us that you - as a volunteer - feel like you are an integral part of our success and that you have a voice in how our organisation is run.

If you'd like to volunteer to help in the hospital, please complete our online registration form below, to let us know you're interested.

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