Vote for our community project

The Aviva Community Fund gives us the chance to secure funding for our Protect and Respect educational project. Please pledge a vote when voting opens on 23rd October, by visiting our Project Page. Let as many friends, family and community supporters know about our project and encourage them to vote. Projects with the most votes become finalists.  You will get 10 votes to use so make sure you cast your votes before the deadline ends on 20th November.

The funds will enable our ‘Protect and Respect’ Programme to create “wildlife citizens” through several educational platforms- online and face to face, to empower the young in particular to respect, understand and value our wildlife heritage. Re-engagement with nature is a way to protect and invest in people’s future too. We would also like to create a best-practice urban wildlife garden around our aviaries and hospital buildings. Which will benefit wild birds and insects, but also offer information and advice to our staff,  volunteers, animal-finders and trainees on how to improve the chances for wildlife to succeed in their own green spaces.


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