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Brent Lodge Founder Dennis Fenter

Our Founder, Dennis Fenter, starts a small wild bird rescue centre from his garden. The patient numbers increase and in 1977 he moves to larger premises to provide better facilities and greater space for more patients.


1978 Charitable Status, Dennis Fenter.jpg

Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust receives charitable status. Dennis is now caring for both injured wild birds and small mammals with the help of volunteers. Patient numbers continue to increase and they outgrow the facility.


1986 Brent Lodge Hospital, Sidlesham, Dennis Fenter

The current Hospital site in Sidlesham is acquired and work starts on the construction of wildlife enclosures and fund-raising for a Hospital building. Meanwhile, Dennis lives in temporary accommodation on site while caring for hundreds of patients each year.

1991 Hospital Opens, Sir Patrick Moore.jpg


The Hospital is completed and has its official opening by Sir Patrick Moore. The charity quickly becomes better known simply as Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. Staff are treating an increasing range of bird and animal species and the number of hedgehog patients starts to grow significantly.


1998 Dennis Fenter, Her Majesty The Queen, Recieves MBE, Contribution to Wildlife

Dennis receives an MBE from Her Majesty The Queen for contribution to wildlife. He retires from day-to-day involvement in the charity having built a team of dedicated staff and volunteers to continue the care and compassion for injured wildlife. He remains connected to the charity as a mentor and source of great experience for a new generation of wildlife carers. 


2018 Bird of Prey Aviaries, the big build improvement program.jpg

After 20 years of use, and ever-increasing patient numbers, the Hospital site facilities are in need of significant upgrading or replacement. Phase 1 of the Big Build improvement programme commences with the construction of 11 new bird of prey aviaries.


swans, ducks, Dennis Fenter passes away, his passion and legacy live on.jpg

Dennis Fenter sadly passes away. But his passion and legacy live on – with the charity now treating circa 3,500 wild bird and mammal patients each year. Phase 2 of the Big Build improvement programme begins for 7 new bird enclosures, 5 of which have water pools for improved patient rehabilitation.

2020 - 2024

Adult fox, the big build program.jpg

Phase 3 of the Big Build improvement programme aims to deliver a new enclosure for the increasing number of large mammal patients. Phase 4 is complete to construct a stand-alone admission building with triage and quarantine facilities. We shall also embark on fundraising for our ultimate ambition - to build a new fit-for-purpose modern wildlife hospital with on-site vet services.

50 Years of care

Brent Lodge celebrates 50 years of wildlife care.png

Brent Lodge celebrates 50 years of wildlife care. We thank all of the volunteers, donors, loyal supporters and staff for your dedication over the last 5 decades. A new charity status is formed to secure the long term future of our work. Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust merges with new CIO to be known officially as Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital.

The Team

The Team at Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital.jpg

The charity employs qualified animal care staff who are passionate about wildlife. Volunteers give their invaluable help, and release associates support the return of wild birds and animals back into suitable habitats. A small admin team manages the day-to-day operations, our supporters, fund-raising and finance, communications, and the charity shops.

Vet Advisor

External Vet Advisor, good practice.jpg

An external veterinarian advises the charity on animal welfare, good practice and regulatory compliance, and provides veterinary treatment and medicines for our patients at a reduced cost.


Owl, Trustees, donation .jpg

Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust is a charity registered in England & Wales, Charity No. 276179. Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital is a charity registered in England & Wales, Charity No. 1199715. A Board of Trustees is responsible for governance and sets the strategic direction to ensure that our charity is properly run, fulfils its purpose and that donations are spent in the correct way. 


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