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National Children’s Gardening Week

Through our 'Respect and Protect' Educational Outreach Programme we aim to encourage and inspire children to take an interest in the outdoors and wildlife. National Children's Gardening Week provides an excellent opportunity for us to inspire young people. Gardens provide a vital food source and home for wildlife and gardening is an excellent way to connect with nature and support wildlife. Which is why we are in full support of National Children's Gardening Week. The event is now an annual festival of fun that’s embraced in homes, schools, and community groups across the country.

As a wildlife hospital, we understand the importance of protecting natural habitats and the role they play in supporting wildlife populations. Gardening responsibly can provide an opportunity to create habitats for different species, such as birds, insects, and small mammals, by offering a diverse range of plants and habitats.

Through National Children's Gardening Week, we aim to inspire children about the different ways they can support wildlife populations through gardening, such as planting pollinator-friendly flowers, creating bird feeders, and building bug hotels. These activities not only help to attract different species to gardens but also provide valuable habitats for them to thrive in.

Check out some exciting activities we will be taking part in for NCGW 2023!

By learning about the different species that visit gardens and the role they play in the ecosystem, children can develop a better understanding of how different living things rely on each other for survival. Raising awareness during this time can also help to highlight potential dangers to wildlife. Simple initiatives such as putting away football netting after use can help prevent entanglement or injury to passing wildlife. Other dangers, for example, are disturbing baby or nesting wildlife. These dangers can easily be avoided if an outdoor code of conduct is followed to ensure children learn to respect and protect wildlife habitats to help them thrive.

Gardening can play a significant role in protecting wildlife habitats and supporting the local ecosystem. National Children's Gardening Week provides an excellent opportunity to promote environmental awareness and conservation efforts. Through gardening, children can develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and learn about the interconnectedness of the natural world. We look forward to working with local schools and community groups to inspire a new generation of young people.

By Asha Park

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