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The Great Big Green Week: Celebrating Nature and Wildlife

In a world where environmental concerns are becoming increasingly prominent, events like the Great Big Green Week hold immense significance. From June 10th to June 18th, this week-long celebration of nature and sustainability brings communities together to raise awareness and take action towards a greener future. We are among the countless organisations striving to protect and conserve the wildlife in our natural world. In this blog, we will explore the essence of the Great Big Green Week and how organisations, communities and individuals can play a crucial role in this inspiring initiative not just during the week but all year round.

Young fox cub amongst green leaves facing the camera. The sun is shinning on the cub

Understanding the impact of the environment on wildlife

The environment plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of wildlife. Climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, and human activities pose significant threats to wildlife. Species face challenges in finding food, shelter, and suitable breeding grounds. Conservation efforts are vital to protect biodiversity and ensure the long-term survival of wildlife in their natural habitats. The State of UK Nature Report 2019 highlights some key findings. See full report.

  • 1 in 4 UK mammals are at risk of extinction.

  • UK is one of the most nature depleted countries.

  • Only 44% of woodland is managed sustainably.

  • Hedgehogs are now Vulnerable to extinction on the Red List for mammals.

  • UK Woodland birds fell by 25% between 1970 and 2017.

How we are helping wildlife

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital is committed to the treatment, rehabilitation, and release of wildlife. With a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers, Brent Lodge provides vital care to thousands of animals every year. By supporting our work, you are directly contributing to the well-being and preservation of our precious wildlife.

We actively engage our supporters, the community and local schools in environmental conversations and actions. Through educational talks and workshops, we spread awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and sustainable practices. Our presence creates opportunities for people to connect with nature and learn how to make positive changes in their daily lives.

The Impact of The Great Big Green Week

The Great Big Green Week has a far-reaching impact on both individuals and communities. It serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, reducing their carbon footprint, and embracing a greater appreciation for the natural world. The collective efforts of environmental organisations and passionate individuals can lead to lasting positive change for our environment and wildlife.

A hedgehog amongst green grass.



Donating items to our charity shops or recycling unwanted goods is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. Our charity shops are saving tonnes of clothing, textiles and other unwanted goods from going into landfill every year. If our charity cannot sell an item , we will seek to recycle it via a recycler and claim funding towards our work. In 2022 we recycled 34.5 tons of unsaleable goods, generating £5,136 to our charity.


By utilising re-use and recycling initiatives you are helping to reduce waste that ends up in landfill. We have partnered with a number of recycling schemes for items from old cars to foreign stamps and used ink cartridges to DVD's. If you have items to donate for recycling then please consider donating them to our charity. Find out what we can recycle by clicking this link.


The impacts of climate change on ecosystems, such as habitat loss, and species extinction are devastating. This highlights the importance of reducing carbon emissions, transitioning to renewable energy, and promoting climate resilience strategies to protect wildlife and their habitats. Embracing sustainable practices is crucial for a balanced coexistence between humans, wildlife, and the environment. Find out what initiatives you can adopt to reduce your impact on the environment on The Big Green Week website. We are investing in renewable energy technology to generate our hospital and our future projects.


By making a donation to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital, you directly contribute to the medical treatment, food, and shelter required to get sick, injured and orphaned wildlife healthy for release. Your support helps give these wild animals a second chance at life.


Our Respect & Respect Outreach Programme aims to educate and inspire individuals to care about wildlife and their natural habitats. Providing outdoor wildlife education to young people and the community is crucial for fostering environmental awareness, it exposes every child to conservation values, scientific curiosity, and a strong connection with nature. This connection can also offer numerous benefits, including reduced stress levels, improved mental well-being, and deeper empathy. Children who appreciate nature are more likely to engage in outdoor activities and develop a lifelong love for the environment. It equips them with essential skills, knowledge, and a sense of responsibility that can contribute to a sustainable and harmonious future for both the environment and humans.

Two school children, a boy and a girl, are looking at a birds nest. They are inside a classroom and sat at a table.

By Asha Park

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