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Ethical Clothing Range | A powerful wildlife conservation message

Artwork design of a fox, hedgehog and 2 small birds on grass. Respect & Protect are written next to them.

Introducing a captivating new "Respect and Protect Wildlife" t-shirt and hoodie range from Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital!

Designed with a passion for wildlife preservation, the stylish and eco-conscious clothing range are more than just fashion; they are a statement of commitment to the conservation of our natural world. Each piece showcases fun artwork designed by Brent Lodge displaying amazing wild animals creatures, serving as a powerful reminder of the urgent need to protect our dwindling wildlife.

Crafted from sustainable materials and printed using environmentally friendly processes, these T-shirts and hoodies highlight a connection between fashion and responsible stewardship of the environment. By wearing and purchasing a piece from our Charity "Respect and Protect Wildlife" collection, you are making steps to safeguard wildlife, one T-shirt or hoodie at a time!

Teemill |Sustainable and Eco-Conscious.

A whit female on the beach wearing a sand coloured t shirt with a hedgehog design in the top right corner of the t shirt.

Our clothing pieces are made to order, using Teemill as the manufacturer. The efforts they go to for sustainability and their dedication to using sustainable cotton for their clothing is far-reaching. By choosing these methods over conventional alternatives, they not only eliminate harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers from the equation, but also promote healthier soil and waterways for wildlife habitats.

Our range of clothing is printed in a factory that is powered with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, reducing their carbon footprint. Moreover, Teemill employs a circular economy model, where they design their products with recyclability in mind. This means that customers can return their worn-out Tee mill garments, which are then repurposed into new items, reducing waste and extending the product's life cycle.

3 images of t shirts. 1 white female is wearing a blue tshirt with a blue tit image. 2nd image is a t shirt being printed.  3rd image is a young girl wearing a bright blue t shirt with a fox image on the t shirt.

Wildlife Clothing to Support Wildlife Care

A portion of the proceeds from every t-shirt or hoodie sold goes to support the charitable work at Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. Your purchase will be invaluable in enabling us to provide essential care to wild animals, with an aim to give wildlife a second chance at life.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital provides care, compassion and dedicated wildlife rehabilitation. Starting from humble Brent Lodge is an organisation that has grown to be one of the biggest wildlife rehabilitation hospitals in the South. We are committed to the care and rehabilitation of injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife.

Our hospital offers a comprehensive range of services, including emergency veterinary assessments, surgical procedures, specialised treatments, and extensive rehabilitation-to-release care. Every year, we admit over 3,000 wild animals from various species, including birds, mammals, and reptiles. Our team of skilled veterinarians, knowledgeable staff, and passionate volunteers work round the clock to ensure that each patient receives the highest standard of care.

An image of the 4 animal designs. A fox, hedgehog, blue tit, robin.

Each of these precious animals represents a vital piece of the intricate puzzle that is our natural world. By choosing them for the "Respect and Protect Wildlife" range, we hope to raise awareness about wildlife and inspire everyone to join the effort in safeguarding their existence for generations to come.

By Asha Park

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