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Protect Nature this World Wildlife Day

A grey goose on a green background

On March 3rd, conservation enthusiasts from every corner of the globe unite to commemorate World Wildlife Day, a dedicated occasion to raise awareness and advocate for the well-being of the diverse array of beautiful creatures inhabiting our natural world. This blog post sheds light on the significance of World Wildlife Day and focuses on the pivotal role played by organisations such as Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. Additionally, we'll explore ways you can contribute to Brent Lodge and support wildlife ensuring we safeguard wildlife.

The Significance of World Wildlife Day

Beyond being a mere date on the calendar, World Wildlife Day represents a global movement striving to forge a better future for wild animals worldwide. This day prompts reflection on the importance of recognising the value and significance of all creatures in our lives, advocating for their welfare, especially in regions facing nature depletion. In the UK, for instance, over one in seven native species faces extinction, and more than 40% are in decline, underscoring the urgency of preserving our natural world. World Wildlife Day urges individuals, communities, businesses, and organisations to join forces, fostering compassion and sustainable practices for the future.

Brent Lodge | A Second Chance for Wildlife

Nestled in the heart of West Sussex, UK, Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital stands as a sanctuary for injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, the hospital's mission is clear: to treat, rehabilitate, with the aim to release healthy wild animal back into their natural habitats. The challenges faced by wildlife, often resulting from human activities, are evident in the patients received at Brent Lodge – from birds of prey colliding with vehicles to hedgehogs injured by garden equipment.

A info graphic demonstrating the costs associated with running brent lodge. It costs £700 a day to operate their vital work
Here are a few costs associated with running a busy wildlife hospital like Brent Lodge

Daily Challenges of Running a Wildlife Hospital

While the commitment to animal care is unwavering, the financial aspect of operating a wildlife hospital every day of the year poses a formidable challenge. Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital requires substantial resources for round-the-clock care, medical treatment, and proper facilities for its animal patients. The costs, totalling over £300,000 annually, include veterinary care, heating, medications, food, and general upkeep.

Tips for creating a wildlife-friendly garden

Creating a haven for wildlife in your garden not only adds natural beauty but also contributes to the well-being and conservation of local wildlife. From choosing the right spot for a bird feeder to understanding what to feed and what to avoid for certain species is an important way to safeguard our precious wildlife. Check out more BLOGS to find ways you can safely support wildlife in your garden.

Supporting Brent Lodge | Beyond World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is an opportunity to celebrate our love for animals and our shared responsibility to protect them. One impactful way to show your support is by contributing to organisations like Brent Lodge. Your donation can make a world of difference, providing life-saving assessments, nutritious meals, and supporting the dedicated team of professionals and volunteers.

By making a donation, you help ensure that their doors remain open every day of the year, not just on special occasions.

Your donation could make a world of difference!

  • A donation of £10 - could provide a life saving assessment to a sick bird: Often the first few hours are vital to their survival.

  • A donation of £50 could help feed hungry bellies: Funds go towards providing nutritious meals for animals, a crucial aspect of their recovery and well-being.

  • A donation of £100 could help support a dedicated team of animal carers: Your contribution supports the dedicated team of professionals and volunteers who work tirelessly to care for animals.

  • A donation of £500 or more could maintain hospital facilities: Donations help maintain the hospital's infrastructure and build new enclosures, ensuring that animals receive the care and comfort they require during their stay.

Green socks with foxes on

Partnering for a wildlife-friendly future | Fox Sox

An inspiring collaboration that demonstrates the power of corporate social responsibility on the natural world is Bare Kind, a company committed to sustainability and wildlife conservation. Bare Kind have joined forces with Brent Lodge to raise awareness about conservation. Bare Kind offers a unique line of wildlife-themed socks, not only stylish but also comfortable, thanks to their eco-friendly bamboo material.

What sets these socks apart is their mission: Bare Kind donates 10% of the proceeds from their wildlife-themed socks to animal conservation charities. They donate proceeds from their fox and badger socks to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. Bare Kind, a forward-thinking ethical corporation, built on a story about a personal mission and a real passion for the environment. Founder, Lucy, is the driving force behind these bamboo socks. She is as passionate about providing an environmentally-friendly product for customers as she is about helping to raise much needed funds to protect the precious environment the animals live in.

By donating a portion of their proceeds, Bare Kind is directly contributing to Brent Lodge's ongoing efforts to protect and conserve wildlife. Why not consider making an ethical choice and purchase some socks.

A red fox drink from a pond

As we mark World Wildlife Day, let us not forget the tireless efforts of organisations and corporate businesses like Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital and Bare Kind. Whether it's a donation, supporting ethical businesses, or raising awareness, your actions can have a lasting impact on their mission. By contributing to Brent Lodge, you become an integral part of their endeavours to ensure animals receive the care and compassion they deserve, making the world a better place for wildlife.

By Asha Park

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